life never gone easy

For the long time,  I did not post any thing on my blog… I m struggle with a lot of things during last year and this year beginning. I have lost my goal or life aim for long time..Today, at this moment, I have feeling I need to bring it out of my mind…

I have been think give up or running away from where I m or who I m for long time…The good thing was I m not thinking suicide during last year…even I fail anything in my life.. however I still protect  I m the one they knew..but inside I knew some thing I m hide from myself for no reason..like my own emotion..just lock into a funny box put in the deepest sea..

Now the feeling like last year was come back…even I dont know I can handle it or not at this moment…I lost my hope for what I m doing now..maybe I need encourage from some one…some time I still dont know what I wanna do in my life…just felt life never gone easy for me…


After video, internet appeared into human life, and it brough more easy life to people, such as people can order online every thing and not need to go out to buy stuff. At that moment, it brough PR into a whole new world. PR also faced to different peroid in internet generation. From web 1.0 to web 2.0, PR have changed. The internet give a big space to PR. After the convience life which internet brouhg to people, PR was growing because of increasing in internet user number. People make friend on the internet, chatting with new or old friend online, many different software was developed to make people meet more new friend. Internet made the whole world like a small town. This is the good chance for PR. According to the function of PR, it is working with different people and make good reputation for product. Internet opened new page for PR.

there are Social network, video sharing, photo sharing, book sharing and so on, they are different software which can sharing information or chatting with friend. For example the Blog, Facebook, youtube, Myspace, Twitter, those website is make link to different people. The posts which put on those website will information other friend. As the pyramid, the top people will influence the readers or other writer. The information will flow into different country or friend, which an make a widely customer level or marketing areas. But it is a mass world, easy to survival or dying, it need to consider the private issues for internet. I though you do not like other people going to your house withour reason, internet is like a big fimaly. PR need to find right place in order to further development.

It is a just intrudation for the Internet working in PR, Internet is like a sea it will be carry PR into deeper and deeper.

what is sreet performence? i dont know how to making a clear defintion for this parts. Basic on my undersrand and reason for using this name, street performence is one kind of perfoemence which is paly on the street, and bring zero distance with audience. They came from different contry and using different personla skills to attract people to stop and watch their plays. There are many different street performances in York City Centre, i have alrealy meet many different reason to do street performance. But the commen reasons are: earn money,  promoted the own CD disc, promoted the country culture, or show off the personal skills. In this post, i will make link between the PR and Street performance, which i think they have strong link to each other.

 For my idea, PR is making link between people and people. so street performance is building link between player and people. I have strong feeling for street performance is will be doing successful way in the PR. Just thinking about use street performance in social marketing, it will acheive widely benefit to government, and people will be influence and thinking the topic which is showing on the street, Link is building between the social marketer and customer. BUT it is just a dream, hope one day it will be used in this ways.


Time pass fast….

Hi readers

this master year studying nearly end, just not feeling like it is the end time. PR and new media module is ending by this day, but as Richard said PR is not finish, i just wanna summary the module learning in this posts.

I just remeber the first lecture when Richard told us to do blog as a essay, i  felt shocked. Blog?! i am not a fashion person to share my life to others. but when i strat my blog, i found it is not difficult to open your heart to others, just dont be shy. Blog gave me some different tips in my life.

summary the module, it is how to combine new media and PR, how the PR function in new media. as the world technology development rapidly, the infomation generation is coming. Internet technique will lead the media place. Social network, WIKI, Video sharing, Phote sharing, et. al.

Social network built a online social culture to bring people have some interest, and making friend, WIKI built a open resourse network to sharing the konwledge, Video sharing and photo sharing are built close firend relation and not need to waste the paper.

as a fmous online tools for personal things, it is blog, the number of using blog is growing. there are milion and million people or company using blog to make friend or get customer feedback. blog is easy to make people understand.

first things you need think in your blog is blogger and blog personality. according to dr melissa clouthier research in blogger personality will be make people to understand you and your blog, and almos of blogger is confindent people. there a one website to analysis your person: http://www.blogthings.com/whatsyourbloggingpersonalityquiz/ have a check it is interst one.

then how to design your blog, it is important to attract readers eyes. picture, colour, and how to put it is important to reader, as my black blog, i like it , but maybe not a good design for the reader, because of dark colour felt unhappy. may be this is the reason not a lot of people see my blog.

after it, how to build trust relationshio between reader and blogger. it is difficult to make other people believe in your blog. make a friend style writing and make reader think you is good for them.

those are several function and suggestion for building a blog. i have running my blog for 3 months, my skill developed, and i would try to face my afraid. For my blog, i have put my point view for PR function in order to understand the PR and marketing .

new media make a shocked to old media, there find a new ways to make world of mouths. i felt human mind is more powerful then paper or video.


book of shadow

According to the online video development, there are  many different function video sharing website appeared. As a marketing leader. Youtube was becoming the most famous and successful video sharing website. As the coints have two side, where is the dark side for youtube and video sharing. This is one book of shadow for Youtube.

There are:

  • quality of video:

As a marketing leader, youtube offered the vidoe sharing, upload and download. System Function is simple and easy to acheive the aims in video sharing. however, they got the easy function, this is not guarantee about quality of video. I have seen a lot of video on youtube, some of them is good and make sence, but some of them is just for funny and the quality is not good as well. Some of the video was changed into the famous person’s video such as some pop stat. I remebered when we did the 10 mins presentation, we have shown one video just the fake of Brithney. The video maker satisified his desire, but not thinking long time influences for other people. making the no good quality video will become the main problem for quailty of video.

  • freedom can be happen?

there are one question for youtube, is it really freedom world for all the different people. however, it is not really freedom. people can argue the video, but it is good youtube not allow other person to change the video, just watch. freedom is the aim for youtube to acheive, and it is really difficulty to acheive. How to build the freedome environment in internet. There are no nature, no country and no different colours of people. The human behaviour is controling by human mind and mood, it is quiet difficult to build a real freedom place for people. different people will break the freedom role. When i was uploading my files, it is queit difficult to uploading. and difficulty to find the Chinese video. How to keep the freedom will becoming the one question for future development.

  • copyright?!

the Law for online product is not  many. the big issue for youtube, they need to consider the copyright for all video. some of them are copying from the orgiral video or TV progarmmes. How to keep the copyright in the each videe. If they are not have copyright, this is legal to put on youtube? As a company, youtube need to improve the law system for video, also need to check the copyright for each.

  • private issue in or out ?

When your friend put your video in youtube, how to keep thhe private. there are some of the video coming from the life which is video of friend or fimaly. it is about the private, it support to protect the private, but how to manage the friend video, is it also need to protact the private. and how to denfintion about the private in video sharing. how to reduce other people using no-know video which is your friend video, and make it local? If not have clear idea how to reduce private problem. youtube will be get big problem.

in summary, it is not just youtube–the book of shadoe. all the video sharing website need to consider those issues.


The position of Marketing and PR changed. It is different to identify which is important in today, meanwhile, the chance in marketing and PR need to cooperatiopn. the relationship between marketing and PR are need to thinking in the different aspects, which are PR aspect, Marketing aspect and middle range aspect.

According to one group presentation which have explained the relationship between PR and Marketing. i just want to undertaket how their life after marriage, thinking about what is the reason for this marriage. After the marriage, PR and Marketing have a strong reason to working together, but still get some problem to deal with. As two different aspect, what ever PR and Marketing, they do not know how to work together. Marketing was still working in the old way to attract customers, but thinking the effective, and lost a lot of money for understand the people. Marketing need to trust and understand the important to understand the customer and using it as a useful weapon to fight with customers. Thinking the old Chinese book about the art of war, the suggestion for me is understand bothside of your friend and enemy. The need agreement for PR and Marketing. The skills in both side.

it need to building a trust relationship in the basic working system. the improtant is the goals bothside want to acheive.

According to technology development, the ‘paper’ was not satisify the human desire, they wanted to keep the sound record and pictuer together, for this human desire, Video was appearing in people life. Video can keep the sound and moving picture together, and it is good way to keep and save data in people life. Early Video was using in the TV set, which could carry the video and share them with widely rang people. At the first time, Advertising target the video in TV, and trying to control this fashion and new technology into advertising promotion, The early video bring one chance to PR into the promtion areas. As my idea for the PR and Early Video relationship, it was not a really good relationship.

The early video paid attetnion in the advertising and not have enough room for PR. However, the huma mind is a compex system and the memory system is complex. I am not a professional person in human mind, but i just have deeper memory in one theory which cannot remember the author for it. It explain the human memory and example some video function to change the human behaviour through to influece human memory. The author mentioned, one 10 seconds image will influecne the human mind choose, even though the person will not pay attention in the 10 second image, it will change the decsion making process, and make this person to choose the item in this 10 seconds image. |For this theory, i beleived the development of PR was not really on the light side, which happended underworld. When advertising was not paying attention on PR aspects, PR was growing through Advertising in early video. Everytime, Advertising would bring the different 10 second image to change decision making process, and portended it was own dicision, Untill marketer found out the PR aspect function, the secret ways would be keeping long time.  

In summary, i beleiveed PR will be more powerful then Advertising in the future. However, they will work in the cooperation strategy to make more customer focus on the product.